The Beginning !

Like every good startup story, ours did not begin in a coffee shop rather conceptualized in a medical facility, to be exact.

It was the summer of 2008 and our founder, Kumar attending to his father in a rehab undergoing Alzheimer treatment received his stimulus from expensive yet gainful recovery, where he would experience participating train of sessions with therapists and counselors.

Years later, the stimulus turned into an establishment which would become the most trusted independent counseling therapist organization.

The minuscule funding turned into a vision to bootstrap to what we know as The Prime State.

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We are Primers !

Though already started serving from 2016, in the fall of 2018, by name and trade, we burst onto the scene and helped clients from around fulfill their worth.

As the years progress, Primers would grow up, expanding into a further development of self-sustenance as a social movement.

It is clear that a change is needed to better reflect why the company was established, what we are becoming and where we are directed to.

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The Prime State Was Born!

With over 12 years of expertise and of being a thought leader in international domains, Kumar and The Prime State were able to develop economical, tangible solutions that enable each individual to successfully invest in their growth potential.

We have worked with every entity you can imagine, from local to corporate.

Almost all of the solutions are customized, at par with the standards as these take off with individuals. After a few months, we would read the writing on the wall and, yet again, re-tool our undertaking to solely build custom solutions for anxious wellness seekers.